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What’s in The App?

First of all, we have created a news page so that users can reach up-to-date news about the content they are interested in, and we share all the news that may be of interest to you.

Ratings + Movies/Series = Stronger Discovery Area

You don’t need to visit dozens of different pages to research Rating and detailed comments about the content to see if the content you can watch on Streamers is ​​worth watching. Thanks to the Findflix application, we offer you high-rated Rating content with rating scores, especially for all categories you are interested in. Thanks to our constantly updated list, you will be able to discover the content of your interest more easily.

What is New ?

You can access weekly and monthly categories specifically for your country, and you can easily access comments from the detail page of the content you discover. You can share your comments about the content. We are working more and more every day to increase interaction.

To help you discover better content while using This App.
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With the Findflix application, you can easily find many popular TV series and movies thanks to the Findflix application.

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