Find Spelling Fashion Design – Rendel Wilkins

Fashion Design app is app for the fashion lover to give the spellings and determine which fashion item is there and they learn its spelling because this app gives the fashion to select correct their names. All fashion lover should know what is the image of the fashion item so here we gives the clear idea for the fashion bazar items . using this app they can understand about it.

Fashion design app displays the different fashion design icons. These are mention in this app and they have to give the correct spelling for the given image.

Most time users don’t know the which icon or image.with the use of this app user need to select the correct answer for the given icon or image. This app is useful for the people who loves fashion design.

In this app user can review the fashion design elements and then they can try for spelling correction and identify for the all fashion design elements by entering in help option.

The most useful fashion design elements icons are like bamboo, belt, buttons, hairstyles, cape, fabric, hat, leather, needles, oil, needles, dress, sketch, zip, wool, textile and more.