Finalem – Brenda Felts

*NOTE: Finalem requires at least iOS 13 and an iPhone 6 or newer.*

How long can you survive? The world has fallen into war and it is up to you to lead your nation and survive as long as possible.

Finalem is a text-based game that tests your wits by providing challenging messages and two choices. You must answer difficult questions, win wars, and keep an eye on how your country is doing.

Finalem is the first app developed by Ensign Apps. Finalem offers engaging decisions that will test your wits. 

Finalem features original messages and choices and deeply engaging gameplay to offer the best possible user experience.
Finalem also features an original soundtrack.
100% FREE.
Did we also mention that you need no internet connection to enjoy Finalem?

Survive as long as you can in Finalem!

The shield, people, money, tank, info, back button, and pause button icons were created by Icons8 and are owned by Icons8.