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Your time is precious, don’t waste it unnecessarily!

Try out the brand new way of collaborating on projects. No more text messages, no more emails, no more phone calls: get everything done through one, easy-to-use tool – aka Finalcad One. This is your collaboration tool to help you manage projects whatever your activity: construction, infrastructure, energy, maintenance, real estate, retail and leisure.

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#Collaborate with teammates
Use groups to communicate with your project members
Organise your conversations by topic, project, phase, job or in any other way that seems the most relevant
Share plans, observations and forms directly within groups
Get notified on what matters to you

#Manage projects
Add, share and consult plans
Note observations and contribute with photos, comments, priorities, statuses, etc.
Fill out standard and customisable forms
Define tasks to be done
Locate everything on plans

Improve collaboration and productivity and turn time-wasting into time-saving tasks

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