Fighting Club 3D – Merve Yildiz

Are you ready for a brand new fighting experience? Forget all the games you know. Now you have a brand new fighting game. Moreover, you can play with your friends or alone. (Single and Multiplayer)

How to play:
Before starting the game you can choose the mode and character you want to play. Then you can move your player with the oval area, and you can gain movement with the buttons. Each button shows a separate fighting action.

The game consists of 2 chapters

1-) Singleplayer: This mode is a fun adventure from 9 different levelden slopes. You will encounter different concepts and different enemies in each part of the Singleplayer fighting game mode. You can display street fighter movements by selecting one of 5 player characters. On the following levels you will meet stronger enemies and longer sections.

2-) Multiplayer: Internet connection is required for this mode. On the server you can match and fight someone from online players at that moment. You can show all your kungfu figures.