Fiddl – Michael Castanieto

Fiddl is an app for playing with your own recorded samples in an expressive way. By mapping gesture parameters to audio effects and filters, a simple sample can be expressed in unique ways.

Originally designed for the purpose of aiding the compositional workshop Small Composers conducted by the organization FIGURA Ensemble, Fiddl is now open for the public, allowing anyone to explore their own unique soundscapes.

Store up to 3 different sounds recordings at a time through your device’s microphone, with up to 3 seconds of recording time for each sound. Play back and manipulate your sound recordings by using different touch gestures in the different touch gesture spaces. These spaces are defined as follows:

Impulse Space
The impulse space plays back recorded samples using percussive touch gestures, e.g. tapping the screen with your fingertips. Sounds are transformed and played back resembling a percussive membrane, producing warmer and deeper percussive sounds in the middle of the membrane and tighter and brighter percussive sounds near the edges.

Sustained Space
The sustained space plays back recorded samples using swiping touch gestures. This is intended for sounds that are of a longer duration than the short and percussive sounds meant for the impulse space. Sounds will behave differently depending on the swipe interaction and depending on the number of fingers placed on the screen.

Discrete Pitch Space
The discrete pitch space is useful for playing back pitched sounds. These sounds are transcribed into a pentatonic scale and laid out in a horizontal key space across the screen.

In addition to playback and sound gesture manipulation, Fiddl offers a continuous playback option, so that any gesture that is held on the screen will continuously loop and play back the sound sample until the finger(s) are lifted from the screen.