Fibonia – Gurkaran Singh Goindi

Are office hours too crowded, are online tutors not being able to answer sufficiently, or are you simply not getting the help you need? Well, help is finally here!

Fibonia is the first-of-its-kind platform that connects college students looking for that extra help in their courses, to their peers who’ve taken those exact courses and are willing to help their peers do well in that exam, turn in that project, or simply answer any questions that office hours and discussions couldn’t answer!

Given the rigour and complexity that college courses operate, especially here at Cal, we figured that the best people to answer student questions would be other students themselves.

If you’re a student, simply sign-up, click New Appointment, search for your course, pick a tutor, select your day and time, and you’re set! At the end, rate your tutors to let the entire community know how awesome they are!

Want to tutor with us? It’s easy! We require no application, and no interview – just your transcript indicating that you’ve taken the courses you want to teach, and scored a B+ or better.

Questions, suggestions, concerns, or just want to talk? Reach out to us at

Happy Learning!