Fertilligence – Virtual Health Partners Inc

Fertilligence™ offers an integrative approach to fertility with personalized nutrition recommendations, emotional support, lifestyle modification programs, and practical tools to guide you on your fertility journey.

Available 24/7, the Fertilligence mobile app and web platform provide access to:
Live Support
Receive expert support through specialists and virtual recommended classes
• 1:1 sessions with Fertility, Exercise and Nutrition Coaches
• Messaging
• Nutrition, Fitness & Lifestyle Modification Classes live and pre-recorded classes
Personalized Library
Access to relevant resources based on your specific needs and preferences

Wellness Tracking
Track your progress with appropriate tools to facilitate your fertility journey

Compatible with the Apple Health App to track activity. Users can sync with the Apple Health app via the ‘Devices & Settings’ tile. Once synced, users can view their steps from Apple’s Health app under the Wellness Tracker tile.