Fergie Chiwinnie JumboHeadz – Maria Isais


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The first iMessage stickers from many more to come…custom pet iMessage stickers!
Say hello to family and friends in a way they’ll never forget with these 30 adorable stickers. Actual pet photograph was used as reference to create these custom stickers. Perfect to express your affection to your loved ones everyday…and show off your precious fur baby! 
Let “Fergie Chiwinnie JumboHeadz” stickers brighten up your chat convos! Send all your love with this fun sticker pack!

Email me at hello@artzydogstudio.com to have your own pet turned into a “JumboHeadz” sticker pack NOW!

How to use stickers:
– Tap a sticker to add it to your convo thread
– Drag a sticker into the message convo to place it on another sticker, a photo or just  
anywhere you want
– Scale and rotate stickers by using a second finger before you place them in the text bubble

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The more positive reviews the more variations of sticker packs will be designed and released.

All original custom pet and/or artwork designs are created and designed exclusively by Maria Isais of ArtzyDog Studio. Please visit my website www.artzydogstudio.com for custom pet art and sniff around in social media:

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Email: hello@artzydogstudio.com for all other merchandise including custom iMessage stickers (JumboHeadz), pet portrait, postcards, notecards, keychains, journals, apparel, framed art, charms, etc.