Fellow Community – Fellow LLC

On the back of the alarming statistic that only 54% of women have access to relatable mentors, we set out to put an end to the ‘ole boys club. The result is Fellow – an app-based platform that delivers mentorship for the modern world.

Changing a few hundred years of status quo? It may sound audacious, but the idea of gender equality shouldn’t be. Fellow is designed to facilitate the exchange of hard-earned knowledge between womxn, enabling real conversations between people who understand each others’ experiences and, in the process, weaponizing one of the most powerful forces on the planet: Womxn.

The platform works as an exchange of knowledge. During on-boarding, community members will select up to three topics they can offer other members help in. These topics range from career development, interviewing and diversity/inclusion. Users will also have the opportunity to write a short bio, expanding on their expertise and passions.

Once inside the app, users will be able to search for potential mentors based on the topics they encountered during on-boarding. After selecting a topic they’d like help in, they’ll be able to narrow results based on potential mentors location, experience level and department. Once matches are presented, the user can start a one-on-one chat. This search system creates precise matches that will yield valuable professional relationships for our community members, allowing them to grow within their agency walls and beyond.