Fedhealth Member App – Fedhealth

The free app for Fedhealth members. It’s a new and improved way to access your info and connect to our services. Our member app is all about hassle-free interaction, and another way we let you be YOU!

The Fedhealth Member App enables you to:

– Manage your MediVault – no need to contact a call centre again!
– A Medication Scanner that recognises your medication instantly
– Pill reminders to schedule your treatment and keep a medication diary
– A Medication List to show to your doc so you never forget the names of your meds again
– Document Library: access your most important documents, wherever you are
– Digital Membership Card: keep your own and beneficiaries’ details on hand all the time
– Education hub – makes understanding your option easy peasy

Medical aid

The Fedhealth Member App is a simple, intuitive and more personal way to get info about your health and your option.

– Find what’s covered under your option
– See everything in one place
– Track your medical aid spending
– Understand your benefits

– Manage your Medivault and Wallet
– Email, print and share your medical aid documents from your phone
– Save and access information for emergency contacts
– Get important information for you and everyone on your option

Safe and secure

We use the latest technology in secure mobile applications to protect your personal health info while online or off.

Committed to serving you

We are dedicated to helping our members to improve their health and wellbeing. The app is the best way to stay on top of your health and medical aid.