Faybr – Toan Le

You conquer the world, met other cultures, got to reveal secrets the world is hiding and you want friends, family and other fellow travellers to be part of it? Travelling is like writing your own story where you are the protagonist. Start typing and express your feelings, thoughts and share your stories, photos and itineraries with everyone. Let other travellers seeking for similar adventures see your trips through your eyes.

Travelling is not about a destination but the path to the desired destination. Every traveller is accompanied by fellow travellers on the way. Become travel buddies, and we remember the country and time you met for the first time along with your first selfie. Plan your trip and travel together. Tag travel buddies in your stories, trips and tick off your bucket list together.

Keep track of your travels and visited countries by scratching your bucket list and earn awards the more you write and travel.

Features at a glance:
-Get inspired and inspire others
-Plan and travel together
-Meet and become Travel Buddies
-Write your travel story (on your own or together)
-Stay up to date and share your trip with family and friends
-Explore hidden Spots around the world
-Create a photo book automatically within seconds (available soon)

We are curious about every story you have to tell!

Made with love by passionate travellers to inspire travellers.