Faverou – Faverou, Inc.

Faverou is a personalized celeb video shoutout for fans. Get Personalized Video Messages for any occasion such as
– Video Shoutouts & Messages for #BestGiftEver for Mom, dads, brother, sister, wife, best friends Birthdays, Anniversaries, Newborn announcement, Marriage, important milestones
– Video Shoutouts & Messages for uplifting someone who is facing hardship and needs a gentle nudge, or wish them luck, and offer them a bit of motivation
– Video Shoutouts & Messages for expressing your feelings, Propose, Make fun, add smiles or celebrate life

Most of our celebrities are comfortable giving shoutouts in English, Hindi, Panjabi, and other regional languages.

Faverou is an emotional fulfillment platform that bridges the gap between fans and their heroes, one shout out at a time.

We are actively making connections with celebrities in the movies, sports, music, influencers, and bringing them onboard our platform. If you would like to be listed on the app – please download the app, register, and create your profile.

I invite you to join our journey and change how the world of celebrities and fans with newer possibilities to make connections and reap the rewards.

If you want to get in touch with us, please send us an email to hello@faverou.com along with your brief bio and link to the Instagram or Facebook account.