FAV 52: Voting – Year on Deck – Carlee O’Connell

An interactive platform to generate comradely and stimulate fundraising
FAV 52 is a fun app for students to create Year on Deck playing cards™, a commemorative keepsake that compliments the School Yearbook. Each deck of fifty-two cards is comprised of fifty-two fun superlative categories to vote from such as: Most likely to succeed and best dressed boy and girl. One category assigned to each card. Students vote for their friends and fellow students for each category. The students with the most votes in the categories will be featured on the cards in the Year on Deck™ for the school year. The entire school gets involved and is part of the creativity and memories for Year on Deck™. Year on Deck fundraiser ® is an innovative fundraiser for schools, exclusively tailored to coincide with the yearbook and contributed to financial welfare of the school. Students purchase the Year on Deck playing cards™ along with the Yearbook and the school raises money. It’s a reflection of the student body, representing a variety of personalities, interests and backgrounds. This beautiful diversity is showcased in the category of each card and will be enjoyed now and for generations to come.
Important features
Interactive platform
Superlatives categories for student to vote for fellow students and friends.
Proprietary application
Our innovative system allows everyone in your school to participate in the creativity and fun.
Privacy and protection
All data is encrypted to ensure privacy and security. Only students from your school will be allowed to vote on your superlatives.