– Users can see what promotions we do have in our stores
– Users can use the map to navigate to our store
– Users can request an Service that we provide in the Store
– Users can also register their personal values, related to temperature, hight, weight and others (that are only saved in their own devices)
– Users can make requests of products they need to our store and pick up then later for a faster process
– Users can communicate with us easily when looking or need more information about some product that they need.
– Users with authentication done, will be also able to use a virtual client card, preserving the environment.
– Users that uses the virtual client card in our stores will get extra benefits for example, promotions only for this users, and some money return back to the user that they will be able to use it in the next purchase.
– Users that made birthday will receive some credits to use in the store in the next purchase in the following days