Fanzword – Ibrahim El Mohdar

If Football is your passion then this app is for you. Fanzword is The Social Media Network of Football Fans from all over the globe. In addition to all the Live Scores features you will be able to interact with fans interested in the same matches you follow. Some of the social interaction features include:

• Rate Players – Watch the match and let us know what do you think of player’s performance
• Rate Goals – Once a goal is scored you will be able to give it a rating and see how it compares vs other fans
• Recommend Substitutions – If you don’t like a player performance just hit recommend a sub. and let us know who should be his replacement
• Share Opinion – Share your opinion on anything happening during a match and see what other fans think
• Share an image – If you are in the stadium or even at home, share your image with the community and show them how do you watch the match, or even how do you celebrate
• News Feed – A quick summary of the match and the hot topics will be available for you in the match’s News Feed
• Score Prediction: Predict match scores and see your results vs other fans from all over the globe

Fanzword lets you follow all your favourite football teams and leagues including and not limited to: Premier League, La Liga, Ligue 1, Bundesliga, Seria A, Eredivisie, Belgian Pro League, UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League and more than 80 leagues and cups.

Personalised football content and updates based on your preferences. Some of the features we have in our app include Live Scores, Lineups, Standings, Stats, Social Interactions from fans following the same match. So you don’t just get the regular updates and statistics but you also get a unique experience to engage with fans interested in the same matches and teams.

Our mission is to change the way the world watches football matches today and ensure that the whole experience is much more exciting and interesting for football followers regardless of where they are.

We take your passion seriously and that is what we strive for. To ensure that football fans from all over the world have one platform that covers all the football data and info they are interested in as well as offering a unique fans engagement platform. Watch and Discuss Football!

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Twitter: @fanzword_app