Famnance – Lyhour Huy

Famnance is a personal and family finance management app. Famnance offers simple and easy to use cloud-based mobile and tablet app that allow user to record daily incomes and expenses as they occur. Users can share one project with multiple other users which enable each member of the same project to see updates on a real time basis.


Tracking income and expense: 
Famance is a family-friendly incomes and expenses recording app which present itself through project(s). Famance allows users to record incomes and expenses with details and with possibility to upload (coming soon) photos (for example, of invoices or objects) to support their recordings.

Calendar display: 
Famance calendar visualize transactions being recorded in each day that one or more records have been made for that day. Users can choose a date on the calendar and browse what transactions have been recorded for that day.

One project, multiple members: 
Famance allows up to 6 members to share one common project, enabling all members to update and share the information of the project. Depend on the permission setting of each member, each has the right to view only or view and edit, and more. With pro version of the app, a project can have unlimited number of members.

One user, multiple projects: 
Famance allows up to 3 active projects for one member to be part of at the same time. With pro version of the app, one user can have unlimited number of projects.

Ad free: 
Famance believes a user-friendly interface does not include ads! Famance stick to the principle of no Ads even with its free version.

To do project: 
Famnance provides project-based to-do lists where members share. One project can support unlimited to-do list while each to-do list support unlimited to do items.

Multiple and simultaneous accessibility: 
The app can be accessed through iphone app, ipad app, and web app (coming soon).

Famance’s web app allows user to do more with their recorded transactions by enabling the users to extract detail reports of their recordings.

The Dashboard of Famance summarizes cash in and out of current/selected period, and the category proportion of those transactions.

Search function: 
With search function, users can filter their recordings and help them see what they search for.

Famance offer in English and Khmer languages. More languages will be coming in later versions.