Family Piggy Escape Chapter 11 – Ouss Yaak

It’s really a Good day, Piggy daddy is happy now, he can teach mathematics properly and you are his only hope for help about education and new learning test. Teacher Piggy need to rest without any disruption. He doesn’t want to punish his student or do anything like usual teacher piggy would do. Yeah, it’s really bad situation here. He need to meet doctor as soon as possible but still need to teaching a student and his familly some lessons in the school.

To helping him, just collect all books you could find, answer it as true as it is. Don’t do something embarrassing and humilating, follow the rules, don’t running in the hall and be a good students and be friendly with your familly. After collecting all 9 notebooks you borrow, bring it back to Piggy before you leave the school, so that piggy mom can get his rest and piggy dad can meet doctor soon. Don’t worry piggy doesn’t want to punish or penalize anyone, he just want to finish the lesson and back home so he can get proper rest.

– Play it
– Have fun with Familly
– Enjoy the horror adventure sensation
– Find true & special ending exit

You also need to help his familly, including principal, because he will need another teacher to replace him if he had sick mod and game it with other scary mysterious creepy horrible teacher. Try to compete this Spooky Crazy Angry Math Teacher Is Sick Mod In School with your friends and find special for both of you, something you never expect it will be in piggy game ever:


This Game is totally new and all tricks and characters on the game made by own team and its new and Different we don’t have any relation with anyone famous.
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