Falaah – Neha Hussaini

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Whether it is Ramadan or just offering Nafil Salah (Tahajjud) at night, no need to write it in a messy notebook. With Falaah you can set your goal for nafil salah, complete them at your convenience. If you forgot when you offered the last salah you can click on the nafil salah to check your progress and detail information on when the rakah’s were completed.

Complete your Umri Qaza(Qaza since puberty – For registered users only) and track your progress as you go. Falaah provides a beautiful user friendly interface to complete and track your Umri Qazah.

Missed your daily obligatory prayer? With Falaah you can add your missed prayer and track completion whenever you complete them.

Missed your ramadan fast due to permissible excuses? or you want to do sunnah fast or fast for any other reason, With Falaah you can add from several pre defined Fast in the Fast menu or you can select “other” to specify your own reason for fasting.

Salah timings? set your preferences such as school of thought, latitude adjustment method etc., and get your salah timings specific to you location and timezone.

Supplicate from several Dua’s available for several different categories such as Parent, knowledge, children etc.,

Switching phone / Deleting app ? Backup your data and restore when you want.