Fade Fit Fun – Boss Bunny Games

Collect the keys, eat the food and avoid running into obstacles.

Eat, Collect and Avoid!!! 

An addictive 3D casual level-based Runner game where you can play as Kris, Brianna, Noushie, Kiki and many other characters to run, dodge and jump through each level collecting nutritious Fade Fit Snacks and Fade Fit Keys while avoiding the challenges and obstacles coming in your way.

Do you have what it takes to complete the different levels, from shopping malls to zoos.? Unleash your skills in this fun and exciting 3D Runner Game.

Run and eat all the healthy Fade Fit Snacks on each level, collect the hidden Fade Fit Keys, avoid all the challenging obstacles, and enjoy all the levels located in the wonderful city of Dubai by unlocking them.

Keys can also be spent on buying extra lives, protective shields or using the great “Kite” booster to guide you through the trickier parts.

Watch OUT!!! Avoid running into surprising elements and eating “Bad Food” or the world will start crumbling away and the level will be lost!

Challenge yourself with Kris Fade Daily Challenge.

You want a tip? Progress step by step through checkpoints.

Fade Fit Fun Features:
* Simple gameplay with Touch and Hold  mechanic .
* Enjoy 14 Different Unique Maps and unlimited levels located in Dubai .
* Play with a Character of your choice .
* Avoid the obstacles while running.
* Use Power ups to survive and succeed .
* Purchase different skins for the characters .
* PLAY THE GAME in Arabic & English .