FactorWear: Wearable Research – FactorLab

FactorWear is a breakthrough wearables application that analyzes unique human motion gestures and environmental factors to reduce injuries and improve worksite productivity.

Discover how your workplace factors impact safety and performance by combining data from controllable factors like daily planning, material placement, prefabrication, and more with custom metrics derived from an off-the-shelf wearable device.

Organizations that use FactorWear:
• Merge wearables with custom metrics to accurately predict daily production and injury risk

• Study and share the relationship between workers and their workplace in real time

• Track and optimize worker safety and performance through gesture analysis

• Measure the total impact of environmental meta factors

• Gain full visual context on workplace conditions and outcomes

An all-in-one data analysis hub, FactorWear provides comprehensive insights into each of your organization’s controllable factors to reveal hidden safety and schedule risks.