Fabplay – HT Media

Fabplay is a fully automated, seamless, and low-maintenance music management software designed to enhance the on-premise customer experience. It is a Platform for product/brand promotions, employee engagement, and RJ mentions.

Why Fabplay?
Mood mapped licensed and non-licensed music based upon store location, profile, and time of the day.
Remote Management, analytical reports, and real-time updates and dashboards.
Hardware Agnostic software solution which is easy to operate with web and mobile access.
Works with or without internet – Requires only 30 minutes of the internet in a day to schedule songs.
Nonmusic content for In-Store Advertising including in-house offers, 3rd party offers, and brand promotion
Fabplay has over 1 million music soundtracks mapped with 15 different attributes to choose from. Play music of your choice , controlling it from a central location, and get real-time reporting of all that is happening at your store to get a view of music experience.