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Put the burden of your Christmas shopping on us! Send us your list, set your alerts, and we’ll notify you once we find a good deal. With over 1,000 products and brands to choose from, browse our alerts and subscribe to any/all that are on your list. Easy peasy…

• Alerts: Are you looking to save money on the hot Christmas gifts this year, then set an alert for any of the following products:

– Apple AirPods
– Nintendo Switch
– Amazon Gift Cards
– Samsung Galaxy
– XBOX One Games
– Ring Home Security
– Fitbit
…and over 200 products to choose from.

• Price Comparisons: Have you found the perfect product, but don’t know if you’re getting the best price on that product? Check out our Price Comparisons, we researched up to 100 products and compared there prices from each of these stores to make sure you are getting the best price:

– Amazon
– Walmart
– Kohl’s
– Target
– Best Buy
– Costco

• Black Friday Store Guides & AD Scans: Are you looking to plan out your Black Friday weekend? We’ve got you covered, with up to 40 different store guides and AD scans to review before the big day.

• Black Friday Database: With over 5,000 Black Friday deals to keep track of, we’ve organized the chaos. Be sure to check out our Black Friday Deals Database and use our custom filters to find the exact gift you are looking for. You just can’t miss it!

• Deals & Filter: Browse live deals as they are posted on the site. Use our industry-leading filter, to narrow down your options to quickly find that perfect gift.

• Price Points: Remember that time you stocked up on that household item at the grocery store, when you thought 30% off was a great deal, only to find out you could have had it delivered to you on Amazon for 20% less? Use the Price Points comparison within the app and that will never happen again. We’ve uncovered all the products, sizes, and pricing for these standard household brands, so you’ll always know when you have found a stock up price:
– Cascade
– Charmin
– Crest
– Downy
– Tide
– Ziploc
…and a dozen more brands.