FA MIDI – Stanislav Kokorev

FA MIDI app is Drums Pattern Player, sysex midi controller for Kawai MP7SE digital piano and Midi Events Monitor. It plays with realistic stereo drums sounds and supports USB-MIDI and Bluetooth LE MIDI.


Page DRUMS is drums player which provides perfect accompaniment for your guitar or piano. There are 16 styles with numerous high-quality midi drums patterns to choose from. Drums patterns can be played directly on your gadget by internal synthesizer or by sending midi events to connected hardware synthesizer. Find details below.

Page DRAWBARS is a specialized midi controller for Kawai MP7SE digital piano only. That is complete implementation of system exclusive messages for controlling tonewheel organs on Part 1 (Main Zone) and for controlling all types of effects (EFX1, EFX2, AMP, REVERB, PERC). Instructions are available in FB in group Kawai MP7.

Page DEVICES is for controlling input and output ports of connected hardware or software synthesizers. By default, at startup of the app the output port of internal synthesizer “FA MDI” will be opened.
Plug (or unplug) any synthesizer at any point of time to your gadget via USB cable. Another option is connecting wireless via Bluetooth LE by clicking on button [SCAN BLE MIDI]. Please, note: Sometimes BLE adapter may respond just MAC address instead of name. Anyway, the connection will be fully functional.
The output port of connected device will be opened automatically. The input port of connected device should be open manually, if needed for monitoring incoming events.

Page EVENTS is for monitoring incoming midi events from connected hardware synthesizers.
The event monitor decodes and reports any type of midi events except of “Timing Clock” and “Active Sensing” and Meta events (like Lyrics, Markers, etc.). The list of events could be saved to log file. System Exclusive events are reported without decoding. You can see raw events in Hex if check box is selected.


Kits – by swiping Left-Right you are sending kits (patches) to the synth. The kit can be selected and changed at any point of time. Selecting kit means sending three midi events on channel 9 (Bank MSB, Bank LSB and Program Change). There are five GM kits (technically equal to Kawai MP7 patches), and several SND Roland’s kits for Roland FA-06. Please, note: There are no sounds in internal synthesizer for Roland’s kits.

Styles – by swiping Left-Right and/or selecting Patterns (swipe Up–Down) you are stopping playback (if something is playing) and preparing next midi drums pattern (midi file) for being played. There are several Styles containing several midi drum patterns each to be used as accompaniment for piano and guitar playing.

Volume – drag slider to change volume at any point of time. That sends volume change midi events.

BPM – drag slider to change Tempo at any point of time. BMP control provides Steps option in front of it. Steps are useful if you are training certain piece of music and want to increase Tempo by Steps. Swipe Up-Down box with Steps figure to change steps (options are from 1 to 9).

Use Pattern’s tempo – tap on check box if you want to hear drum patterns playback at original tempo. In most of cases original pattern’s tempo is shown in the name of the pattern.

Precount – swipe Left-Right. This option should be selected before playback starts. That’s like drummer gives count-in by heating sticks before song starts. Options are: None, 1-bar, 2-bar.

Loop – swipe Left-Right to change. This option should be selected before playback starts.
Options are: Loop or BPM+Steps.
Option Loop could be set to Endless or to certain number of Times (should be set below by swiping Left-Right) or BPM+Steps.
Option BPM+Steps allows to increase Tempo automatically every certain number of loops without manually changing BPM. After playback stops the tempo returns to initial value. This feature is for improving your playing skills when training scales or riffs.