EZY EDU lets you search and discover education institutions for all your educational needs. Browse through institutions’ detailed information, photos, user reviews and ratings to decide where your child would spend their many years in school or decide what unique skill your child or yourself want to learn. Don’t forget to chat with Ms Livia to discuss any educational needs to nurture talents, and use our maps feature to discover surrounding institutions around you.
Search easily for Schools, Learning Centers, Preschools, Daycares, Workshops, Physical Education, Vocational School and Universities. You can sort and filter categories and subcategories as you desire.
Discover every Education Institution in your city, including those near your current location, and use the search filters to find the one that suits you or your child best.
Get Inspired by our “Ideas” board by browsing countless educational ideas you may yet not know.
Chat with Ms Livia, our very personal education consultant and discuss your educational needs.
View pictures, facilities, phone numbers, directions, user review, and all detailed information you need, to choose an institution of any category.
Enjoy our virtual open house feature; you no longer have to spend time physically visiting each location. Just watch each institutions’ profile videos!
Shortlist your top institutions picks, compare them and share with your friends.
Rate and review institutions you or your child has been or is still being a part of to help raise education awareness.
EZY EDU is currently available in Jakarta, Bekasi, Tangerang and more!