Experience God Together – Trading Up

Welcome to Experiencing God Together!
We exist to help you know God more deeply and encounter Him more often.

Watch 1-minute video to hear directly about the messages: https://tradingup.wistia.com/medias/gg6pzmm7dc
Our vision is to help people rethink who God is from the ground up. No one will follow a small god who is grumpy, mean, or an angry rule enforcer. If a person’s image of God is that He is small, He becomes not so interesting or worth following; this incorrect view of God will choke the spiritual life out of those who have come to believe lies over time about who God really is. We feel passionate about helping people begin a lifetime journey to live with an ever expanding image of His greatness and goodness. This takes a daily commitment to see Him as He truly is, or naturally we will live with a small view of Him.
A primary feature of the app is the delivery of short messages designed to encourage life-changing growth in knowing God more deeply and encountering Him more often throughout the active hours of your day. Messages take the form of 1st person Scripture, worship, prayers, surrender questions and confessions.
The messages are written by Doug Sherman, founder of Trading Up–the ministry behind this app. Doug holds a Masters in Theology from Dallas Theological Seminary and has disciplined men and women for more than 50 years across the United States.
The messages are even personalized with your name.
Here are 3 message examples with associated Scripture:
(1) When you picture Me right next to you, picture Me as a real Person, with real feelings of love, compassion, and a heart filled with infinite devotion! —Your Heavenly Father (Psalm 139:1-16) http://bit.ly/1RLwpVl
(2) By nature, I am a communicator. I love to whisper My thoughts in your mind, to reveal things in My word and to teach you about the Father. -Jesus (John 1:14-18). http://bit.ly/1QWoh7p
(3) Never connect how much worldly success you have to how much I love you or how I see you. The ‘richest’ people in the world are My children who live confident in My love and grateful for whatever I give them. Jesus (1 John 2:15)
Coming soon will be community organizing features like allowing individuals to create and lead small groups.
More about Doug Sherman and Trading Up, the ministry behind Experiencing God Together:
We give people practical teaching and coaching on how to hear His voice, follow Him in the moment, talk to Him, get fresh starts, and obtain power to handle the difficult knockdowns of life.
We help people discipline themselves to encounter God by turning their phone into a tool to prompt them, remind them and coach them throughout the day.
We help couples, small groups, and churches make God the centerpiece of their conversation and focus, sharing their experiences with Him in the form of God stories.
In summary, we hope you love the ‘Experiencing God Together’ app and that you will encourage your friends and family to download the app, too!