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We know this is a noisy world-these unit categories and unit abbreviations are confusing enough. You need a tool with a high signal-to-noise ratio-this unit conversion tool can simplify your life.

-Unit full name and unit abbreviation:
Most unit converters on the market do not display information, such as kg for kilograms, oz for ounces, and lbs for pounds. Even though some of them did show the unit’s full name and unit abbreviation, they still showed it in a terrible way.

-Common units and professional units.
All unit converters on the market are at one of two extremes: they target too many or too few unit categories. Some of them only include weight units, length units, temperature units and volume units, while some of them try to include everything: power units, pressure units, energy units, force units, torque units, frequency units, and the list continues.

Most of these unit converters have complex navigation systems, and many times we get lost in the unit conversion process.

Using our unit conversion tool, you can easily convert common units to centimeters to inches, kilograms to pounds (kg to pounds), ounces to grams, km/h to mph, Celsius to Fahrenheit (of course Fahrenheit to Celsius).

The unit calculator achieves this goal in the following ways:

-Using a scrollable list to limit invalid information:
In this way, users will not distract unnecessary measurement units. For example, if you want to convert cm to inches (centimeters to inches), you only need to focus on centimeters and inches in two separate lists, and you don’t need to pay attention to invalid Information, such as meters to feet or kilometers to miles; for example, we can also convert grams to ounces (ounces), in which case you don’t need to pay attention to converting kilograms to pounds (kilograms to pounds) or tons to Pounds (tons are converted to pounds).