In 2008, KNET signed a historic contract with the Ministry of Finance, State of Kuwait, for provision of electronic government payments, and the project known as ‘Tasdeed’ was born. This landmark service is the electronic system that connects several government entities with the banking sector, through KNET, facilitating transactions for both individuals and organizations.
In order to further digitalize for the user convenience, Estamp has now come to mobile. User now can download & install to get their estamps online at their convenience.

Estamp – has cool features like:
· History of estamp
· Number of Used/unused estamp
· Selecting estamp value or enter

User can:
· just sign up with mail id,
· select the ministry,
· select or enter the estamp value
· Confirm the estamp value
· make online payment
· Thats it, Estamp is purchased.

Important Notice :
· To have the best experience kindly refrain from using application on iOS 13.3 as there are bugs found on this release where it will cause issues during using the application.