ESN Car Audio/Navi Unlocker – Saqib Ahmad

What is ESN Unlock PIN

ESN is a 6-digit PIN. This application provides a 6-digit unlock PIN when entered into the car multimedia device at the unlocking screen, unlocks various features of the car multimedia device.

Reason for ESN Unlocking

ESN is a safety system that causes the navigation and sound functions to become inoperative when the battery terminal is disconnected and reconnected. An ESN unlock PIN or ESN password is required to unlock the device in certain situations.
To generate an ESN password, an ESN serial number is required.

How to find ESN Serial Number

Press and hold the Main and Navi/ or AV buttons on the car audio device at the same time for a few seconds or press buttons repeatedly for a few times until a new screen appears with the 6-digit ESN serial number for example 3BFB42, 40793F.

Some devices require you to repeat the above process by pressing the Main and Info buttons together or via other combinations which could be found at the AP support URL.

Supported Audio Models

AVN6604HD, AVN6605HD, AVN6606HD, AVN6806HD, AVN7406HD, AVN7705HD, AVN7706HD, AVN7905HD, AVN8804HD, AVN8805HD, AVN8806HD, AVN075HD, AVN076HD, AVN078HD, AVN557HD, AVN558HD, AVN550HD, AVN667HD, AVN668HD, AVN669HD, AVN660HD, AVN661HD, AVN687HD, AVN757HD, AVN777HD, AVN778HD, AVN779HD, AVN770HD, AVN887HD, AVN978HD, AVN110, AVN111, AVN112, AVN133, AVN134, AVN1100, AVN7300, AVN7400, AVN7500, AVN-F01, AVN-F02, AVN-G01, AVN-G02, AVN-G03, AVN-G04, AVN-V01, AVN-V02, AVN-Z01, AVN-Z02, AVN-Z03I, AVN-Z04I, AVN-ZX02, AVN-ZX03, AVN-ZX04I, AVN-SZ04I, AVN-SZX04I.

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