Escape Washitsu – Lirong Chang

Escape Game-Escape Washitsu
Another knock-out product of room escaping–Escape Washitsu.

Finally! I checked in this famous traditional Japanese inn. It is fancy here as people said. The view outside the fence seems quite beautiful. I wish I could go out there and take some photo. So let me seek clues, solve puzzles and then find the key to the fence!

・It is totally FREE
・Automatically saving progress
・Hints will help you out if there’s a deadlock
・It is the best choice for you during your leisure time
・Abundant puzzles
・Fancy scenes
・Challenging puzzles
・Elegant music effect

・To tap anywhere in the screen
・To observe items carefully
・To pay attention to suspicious places even if you thought it was easy

This classic escaping game is full of challenges, if you like to play puzzle games and take brainstorm, you have to try this game. Don not miss it if you enjoy puzzle games. Hints were designed to help you at anytime if you need. But we ensure you will have a pleasant experience!