ER24 Client Connect – ER24

This app is a built-in screening tool within Qode Lynx, a data collection application designed to maximize point-of-care data capturing at locations such as clinics, mobile units, and areas with poor infrastructure to improve patient care.

Knowledge Center Integration
Data from the facility readiness assessment tool is consolidated by Qode Knowledge Center, a centralized big data warehouse that builds custom visual and static reports using PowerBI for effective decision-making and reporting.
Offline functionality
Facilities with limited or no internet connectivity in the most remote locations can collect data that will automatically and securely sync to Qode servers when internet connection is established.
Secure Data Storage
All data is hosted in Microsoft’s Azure Africa data centers and is deployed within the latest Azure hosting environments to ensure data safety and availability.
Laboratory Data Integration
The facility readiness assessment tool provides dynamic and static based reports on the latest Infectious Disease Surveillance LIT and WHO/CDC documents, provides outcomes of test results and track laboratory specimens and report information
Patient Screening Tool
The patient screening tool screens, manages, and links patients potentially infected with infectious diseases to care.
The screening module allows healthcare providers and ministries of health to capture patient information such as vital clinical information, travel history, contact details, as well as track and report on potential cases and clinical outcomes via visual dashboards. The module is designed as a scalable solution to enhance the rapid testing in high-traffic public and private areas such as borders and airports.
The Patient assessment and screening tool addresses and evaluates the following functional requirements:
• Patient movement
• Patient contact history
• Patient symptoms
• Respiratory Diagnostic Testing
• Pre-existing patient medical conditions
• Patient referral and much more
• Specimen for Testing
• Exposure assessment
Lynx-HCF Functionality
The patient screening tool is integrated with Lynx-HCF, a cloud-based healthcare software solution that manages workflow, patient data management, reporting and consultations. The software has a modern and comprehensive data capturing interface that ensures easy capturing of data such as:
• HIV/AIDS, TB, and other communicable diseases related data
• Vitals (Blood Pressure, Glucose levels, BMI, Heart Rate, Reparatory Rate, Etc.)
• Treatments (Medication, Procedures & Immunizations)
• Diagnoses
The application also features daily monitoring functionality that allows healthcare providers to evaluate multiple patients and record such as:
• Day
• Date
• Measured Body Temperature
• Chills
• Sore Throat
• Myalgia / Body Pains
• Cough
• Shortness of Breath
• Diarrhoea

Knowledge Center Integration
Patient data from the patient screening tool is consolidated by Qode Knowledge Center to build custom interactive reports for monitoring and evaluation of collected data.
Linkage to Care
Each patients’ clinical data can be displayed graphically in the patient’s electronic file on the dashboard which enables trends and patients to be monitored and managed accordingly, giving an easy overview of the patient’s health status.
Secure Data Storage
All communication and data are encrypted and audited. Data Layer will be stored and processed on a MS SQL Data warehouse.
GPS Position Reporting
Software utilises real-time satellite positioning to ensure that captured data is linked to the correct site or location.
Automated Data Sync
Data collected in offline mode is encrypted and automatically synchronised to a secure server when internet connection is established.