Equ@tions Digital™ – Henry Skull

Digital Technology Services Marketplace powered by Artificial Intelligence.

An AI powered marketplace, connecting industry leading providers of futuristic/modern digital technology services, to professional clients.

Available service categories: 3D Animation | 3D/2D Graphics | Artificial Intelligence | Automation | Data Science/Analytics | Digital Marketing | Distributed Ledger Technology (Blockchain | Cryptocurrencies | Fork | Lightning Network | Smart Contracts) | Mobile Apps | Network & Installation | Robotics | Security | Software | Video Game | Virtual Reality | Web Design and Development

As a Buyer/Client: Easily Search/Buy sophisticated tech services and products, and also Post Offers with your budget for sellers/providers to meet.

For Sellers/Providers: Post/List Services and Products for sale/purchase in the Shop. Register as a Vendor for FREE now!

About Us

Who are we?
We are a marketplace connecting professional digital technology service providers, to corporate buyers/customers.

We are the only platform on the internet currently offering our value proposition. Offering Trust and Reliability in the marketplace of technology services is our main agenda.

Search ‘n’ Shop
Easily search our large and growing database of futuristic/modern digital services provided by professional companies and freelancers. Compare and choose a company or service against other companies/services. Buy services/products instantly from ‘Shop’

How do we protect buyers?
We provide buyers with the ability to contest completed projects, and ask for refunds, due to violation of agreements.
*Strict conditions apply to refund requests, to curb abuse. Please refer to our Refund/Return Policy for complete information on our cancellation, refund and return policy.

How do we protect sellers?
Strict conditions applies to refund requests from buyers, so as to avoid abuse, and firmly protect sellers/service providers.
We also have an in-house Anti-Fraud department, powered by A.I and overseen by humans, which thoroughly screens all purchases vigorously, to efficiently curb fraud.

How do buyers determine reliability of sellers?
We have a rating system to determine the reliability of service providers upfront.

Why Choose us?
100% Futuristic Approach
We are the only platform offering the sale of services as products. Instead of quotations, services has been converted into products, to increase the reliability of accurate completion by sellers.

We also provide an A.I. Powered Hardware Store, which is a marketplace for the sale of digital tech products.

Deadlines can be easily met, as all services are sold as products with an expected delivery date that must be met by all sellers.

100% Futuristic ‘n’ Modern Services Marketplace
We are the only platform offering a unique combination of fututistic and modern digital technology based services, which are very rare to find elsewhere online.

100% Reliability
Rating system to determine the reliability of sellers or service/product providers upfront. Ratings are left only by actual buyers of the service/product.

Pay for services/products securely to providers/sellers, with the ability to request and receive refunds based on valid claims.

*Strict Conditions Apply to protect sellers/service/product providers from abusive refund requests.

100% Customer Service
First class customer service provided before and after sales by all registered sellers or service providers.