EPA 608 HVAC Exam Prep – Thanh Hung

Taking the EPA Section 608 certification is a crucial step for anyone who
wants to work in the HVAC field. It may be possible that you’ll never
have to handle refrigerants, but that’s unlikely since they’re essential
not only for food cooling systems but also for air conditioning and
related systems on homes.
Successfully passing this test gives you a lifelong license to be able to
buy, recycle, reclaim and recover the refrigerants you’ll want to work
Our practice questions cover the following topics:
• Core exam
• Type 1
•Type 2
•Type 3
Application features:
• Practice by topics: Test your knowledge by practicing by topics. A
topic that is divided into small parts helps you not be bored when
• Mock test: Mock test simulates the real test format. When you finish
the test you will see your score and review all the questions.
• New questions every time: to keep you on your toes, we randomize
questions and answers each time you restart a practice test
• No internet connection and registration required
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