Entourage – Follow Artists – Ali Haghani

Entourage lets you stay connected with your favourite artists.

– Analyze your listening history and view your top artists
– Filter top artists by various properties of the Entourage’s top artist selection algorithm
– Receive push notifications of new additions to your top artists as your listening history evolves over time
– Tap on an artist to see more about them and why they’re in your top artists or to simply start listening to their music
– Follow your chosen top artists on Twitter
– Create and maintain an updated list on Twitter with your selected top artists
– Support for multiple Spotify/Twitter account associations
– Share your top artists with your friends

Simply connect your Spotify account to see and filter a list of your top artists, then connect your Twitter account and select the ones you want to follow or create a Twitter List with. That’s it!

Now you can see what’s happening with your favourite artists and bands, all on Twitter. Entourage also allows you to quickly share the artists you listen to via Twitter or any other app, simply press ‘Share’ after creating a list.

Once you have created a list, you can pin it in the Twitter app and quickly switch to your ‘My Artists’ timeline to see what’s happening with your favourite artists.

As your listening history evolves on Spotify, you can use the app to have any new artists you listen to be added to your existing list. Simply use the app as usual, Entourage will detect that you have a pre-existing list and provide you with the option to make additions to that list.

Entourage uses multiple techniques to find the correct Twitter account for every artist. If you notice an incorrect match, let us and we’ll be sure to address it in a timely manner.

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