Enjoy This Moment – Birgitta Steiner

We experience pleasure, insight, compassion and growth right here, right now – not off in the past or the future. This app will help you live more fully in the here and now – and enjoy each moment more!

This free app has emerged from my various meditation and therapy books and audio-guidance programs: Quiet Your Mind; Seven Masters, One Path; Kundalini Awakening; Let Love Find You; High Heart, etc. Whenever you want a quick mood uplift, help in relaxing, emotional insight and even a bit of spiritual awakening, you’ll find effortless guidance on this app to brighten your day.

If you’re new to our short-form mindfulness process, just install the app and relax – the app will move you effortlessly through each new experience. If you’re already exploring paths to personal growth and transformation, you’ll find loads of new inputs to stimulate deep reflections and sudden realizations.

The app includes a detailed user introduction – but you can also just jump in and play around with the programs. There are six primary portals you can enter, each delivering a special type of programming to quickly shift your attention in positive directions. Enjoy over 30 video explorations, more than a hundred audio journeys, plus a thousand special photos and artworks to bring a touch of nature into your day, and also inspire your creative muse. Plus we offer unique mind games to transform negative attitudes, focus attention on universal virtues, and initiate deep contemplation.

Each time you watch or listen to one of our meditations or inner adventures, you’ll go deeper – there’s literally years of content here to enjoy. This app is a collection of the very best of what we’ve developed to date – and updates to the app will be coming soon as well.

We welcome you to our Enjoy This Moment community – and we’re eager to hear your feedback and ideas for future content. Please visit our website for more information. And … enjoy this moment!