Empatica Care – Empatica

*A complete solution for constant health monitoring:*

1 in 3 people in the world suffer from multiple chronic conditions, while 15.5m Americans are diagnosed with an infectious disease every year. Empatica Care was made to unlock better care without limits. The Empatica Care remote patient monitoring solution:

* Lets you monitor your health 24/7
* Increases the quality of care that you can receive from your provider
* Empowers your physician with a clearer, more complete view of your health
* Eases the burden on healthcare workers and facilities by enabling the monitoring of patients straight from their homes

*Empatica Care:*

Empatica Care is a remote health monitoring platform created by a world-class team of scientists. It enables the continuous, remote monitoring of patients with acute and chronic conditions, or of healthy individuals who may be at risk of infection.

Data such as heart rate, temperature and respiratory rate is continuously collected using the Empatica E4 smartband, a Bluetooth enabled, CE-certified wearable, and streamed to the Care Portal, a secure and bespoke online dashboard. The dashboard enables healthcare professionals to review the vital signs of thousands of patients and intervene when needed.

*Empatica Care App:*

The Care App is your real-time health tracking app, that keeps you connected to your healthcare provider and puts you in control of your health. It provides:

* Heart rate monitoring
* Temperature tracking
* System status updates
* E4 connectivity updates
* Data privacy

** Requires E4 smartband by Empatica, a CE-certified medical device**

If you would like to use Empatica Care to track your health, please talk to your healthcare provider.

Need more info? Email care@empatica.com