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Our world is electromagnetic (think phones, electric cars, solar panels, the internet…) but only physicists and electrical engineers understand it. Elloveo has created an interactive, visual, intuitive way to teach electricity and magnetism (E+M). Each level is a puzzle, and the rules of the game are the rules of E+M. 

Children are immersed in a fascinating electromagnetic world, where they interact with particles that would otherwise be too small to see, and with fields and forces that propagate at the speed of light. Kids use charges, magnets, currents, batteries, wires, and the like to solve puzzles about lights, lightning, motors, power generation, memory and more.

Most of us were taught this subject backwards. We first learned the equations, without any intuitive understanding of electricity. Only those with the strongest math skills could continue, while many visual learners were lost. Let’s change the way electricity and magnetism is taught. When we let kids observe, interact, and play with these concepts, they build a strong conceptual foundation. Learning the math will follow, and hopefully we can attract more creative, visual learners to the subject.

Give your child an insight into our electromagnetic world that you might not have had. No child should think that they “are no good at science” or “can’t do math’’. This game nurtures children’s curiosity and gives them the confidence to understand abstract, invisible concepts (like E+M), and participate in our increasingly technical world.

Since 2018, Elloveo has been piloting the game in science classrooms anywhere from K-12, here is what some teachers have to say:

“The Elloveo app makes (E+M) concepts visible and easy to grasp, which is truly remarkable, and it challenges students to make the connections on their own through clever game design elements…My students loved using it”
Dalton, Middle school science teacher, SF Bay Area, CA

“I definitely saw engagement from students who I don’t normally see engagement from.”
Olivier, K-8 Education Director, Palo Alto, CA

“I saw students of all ability levels able to access the game, gain new knowledge, and connect the new understandings to previous knowledge.”
Amy V., Ed.D., K-8 Principal, Chicago, IL

“The game really helped me understand difficult concepts and made it fun and easy.”
4th grade student
Los Angeles, CA

Elloveo is funded by the National Science Foundation.

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