Elemental Dash – Bash Games

In Elemental Dash, there are three levels, easy, medium, and hard. In easy, you are a supernatural flamethrower who shoots fireballs at boulders as you are dashing through a cave. In addition, fewer boulders spawn in to kill you, but you have a slower attack generation. In the medium level, you are a rock man dashing through an ice cave with icicles moving around that try to kill you. This level has more icicles spawning in to kill you, but your attacks generate faster. Finally, in hard, you are an ice wizard dashing through a fire cave with fireballs hurtling at you to kill you. To make this level hard, there are a lot of fireballs trying to kill you, but this level has the fastest attack generation. To play the app, tap on the left side of the screen to move left and tap on the right side of the screen to move right. To attack, tap the attack button at the bottom of the screen when they are no longer transparent. Clicking them at any other time will not do anything. Lastly, to select a game mode, hit play in the main menu screen and press on the area with text reading the game mode you want to play. And remember as you play, have fun and keep dashing.