EcoWake: A Greener Alarm Clock – EcoWake Technologies Inc.

Empower your day by waking up on time AND contributing to solving the planet’s greatest problem.

We get it, no one really likes waking up in the morning. Especially given the world crisis on our hands with climate change.

Now you can relax, sleep better and wake up feeling empowered knowing you are helping fight climate change.

*** Waking up with a purpose: FOUR Reasons you are going to LOVE EcoWake ***

1. Wake up for a purpose: Wake up on time, earn seeds, plant trees and help fight climate change
2. Waking up made fun: See your virtual forest begin to grow as you plant more and more trees – gamification makes everything more fun!
3. Start your morning on the right side of the bed: Carefully crafted unique and inspiring alarm sounds are designed to help you wake up, peacefully
4. Beat that snooze button: Don’t worry, we just took it out for you 😉

Download EcoWake today – waking up in the morning has NEVER had this much meaning!

Free Features:
• Plant one tree per month (Fight climate change – one tree at a time)
• Specially curated, inspiring alarm sounds
• No snooze button
• Answer a question to turn off your alarm
• Keep track of our total amount of trees planted (over 2500 trees already!)

Premium Features:
• Plant up to TEN trees per month (Offset more than your monthly carbon footprint)
• Unlock additional inspiring alarm sounds
• Gameify waking up and build your own virtual forest
• Keep track of your total amount of trees planted
• Ad free

• Ability to charge your phone nearby

Terms of Use: