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EasyBuy is a mobile app for smart and fun online shopping that works with tinder-like swipes. In contrast to an overwhelming browse on AliExpress, EasyBuy provides a seamless experience, breaking hundreds of items down into categories. From homeware and electronics, to clothing and sports goods.

App fast search allows you to shop for products that you probably wouldn’t otherwise come across. You can add articles to wish lists or buy directly from AliExpress suppliers. Not only do you have an access to a carefully selected product range, but also can check ratings and reviews prior to making a purchase decision.

How it works:
With EasyBuy you can shop by category or simply search whatever you are looking for from our huge list. By swiping to the left or right you decide whether you need a certain merchandise or not. Add your own wish lists by saving the products you love and discover new ones all based on your most recent buys. Monitor hot deals and discounts within the app.

EasyBuy: Quick
Our curated products save you ton of time. All you need to do is to choose three shopping categories and enjoy a super easy way of browsing and express shopping.

EasyBuy: Easy
No need to create an account within the app to manage your swipes or wish items. Once you are ready to make a purchase, you sign in to your existing AliExpress account to choose payment method with shipping options. Pay with credit or debit cards. Some articles are available at a discount.

EasyBuy: Safe
Any purchase you make runs through Ali Express secure servers. Your personal information is always protected.

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