Easy shopping list` – Lillian Jones

This is a supermarket shopping utility that makes it easier for you to create shopping lists and find what you need. Has patent pending aisle assistant technology, ie you have to input the aisle numbers yourself and then the app will organize your shopping list by aisle so that you can more efficiently shop. Never miss an item and never again will you have to go back to an aisle you’ve been to 5 times already.

How it works:
1. Create a master shopping list of any items you might want to buy. These items will be used to build all of your future shopping lists.
2. Swipe items in the master list to move it to your current shopping list.
3. When you are ready to shop at a store, tap “Start Shopping”, select a store, and swipe the items off your current shopping list as you gather them. These items will return to your master list for future use
4. Repeat step 3 for all stores you shop at until you have bought everything on your list

Key features:
-Supports up to 5 stores
-Items can be searched
-Items can be grouped using searchable tags (keywords)