Easy Fight .io – App Shark Media LLC

If you like rpg, pvp battle and online multiplayer games, then you will enjoy this innovative mix of RPG battle and classical fighting games.
This is a upbeat battle fighting, arcade, action game, that will lay your path through a lot of battles and epic combat. In each battle, you will fight against enemies such as fighter, monster, zombies, dragons and other hero creatures.

Each battle is a joyful and real experience, where you are a hero making his way up.
Each hero has different weapons, such as swords, mallets, hammers, axe, bow, magic powers.

You also fight to win and hunt gifts, powerups and EXP multipliers. Epic martial arts matches, magic batlles and more await.

When you start in regular mode or in tournament mode you will see as your oponents are joining you also can see what Battle arena is randomly chosen for the next battle match.

* Features:
– Many hero characters for you to choose from
– Online enemies from around the world
– Smart AI and good balance
– Beautiful graphics
– Easy to play
– Easy to control
– Multiplayer player needs internet connection