E240 – Real VHS Retro Camera – Maxim Kartuzov

Who needs 4K when you have VHS?

E240 is a realistic VHS camera. The main difference from other VHS camera apps is the filter itself: E240 not just simulates the effect, but actually films with the same principles as real VHS cameras did!

Remember begging your parents to let you use that camcorder back in the 90s? Not anymore! Or your kid turns 18 tomorrow and you remember that time you were filming his/her 4th birthday just as if it was yesterday? No problem! Recreate the old memories and make up for breaking that dad’s favorite camera by installing E240!

Key features:

• Realistic VHS filter – no cheap effects!
• Change the date stamp and set any date you want! Hey, it is 1992!
• Apply VHS filter to photos and videos from your Photo Library
• Record unlimited time!
• More features incoming…

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