E-VITE – Aban Tech International (private) limited

E-Vite is an intelligent solution that makes hosting visitors at facilities effortless, memorable, and safe.

It is a web and mobile-based solution for your property (Apartment or Layout or Commercial Complex or Offices ). E-Vite ensures enhanced security in terms of physical and Data threats with easy monitoring and maintenance of user’s and guest’s digital log and information.

With E-Vite its users can accomplish the following goals.

– Enhance the level of Security in terms of Physical and Data
– By maintaining Users and Guests Digital log and information
– Easy Monitoring and Integration
– Minimizes the operational cost.

The idea behind E-Vite is to ensure that the check-in/check-out process is entirely digitalized so it’s convenient for visitors, residents (who are inviting) at the same time making the organization data and premises secure and under the observation of the property owner.

Security is a very important concern for all the humans out there to keep their assets safe, whether it be their properties or any other kind of tangible or intangible assets they may possess. Properties itself can be in various forms. It can be a place to live or even a workplace. Managing the users of the property has always been a main concern for the owners. To fill this gap Aban Tech International Pvt. Ltd. has come up with a software application with the name of E-Vite Visitors.

To conveniently use this application you will first have to create ID through the admin panel which can be accessed through our website: www.evite.tech