DuPageCU – DuPage Credit Union

With DuPageCU Card Controls, you’re in complete control of when, where, and how your DuPage Credit Union Debit Card is used.


Biometric login: Log in to the app using your device’s biometrics login, like your fingerprint.

Know when your debit card is used: Turn on alerts to notify you when a purchase is made. You can receive alerts for transactions based on location; at types of merchants like “gas”; for transaction types like “online”; and when you’ve exceeded a minimum transaction threshold.

Turn your debit card on or off: Worried that your card may be lost or stolen? Turn it off/on instantly. Recurring transactions will continue to be processed.

Control where your debit card can be used: Block transactions from outside the regions that you set.

Control how your debit card is used: Enable or disable your card from being used at merchant categories like “travel” or “entertainment” and specific transaction types like “ATM” or “online.”

Set spending limits: Stay in budget by setting a dollar limit per transaction or per month.

See transaction details: Search, filter, and even dispute debit card transactions.

Set travel notifications: Easily notify the Credit Union when and where you are traveling so that abnormal spending patterns aren’t triggered.

Report your debit card lost or stolen: Misplaced your card or worried it may be compromised? You can easily notify us and we’ll take care of the rest.