Dungeon Master Toolbox – Austin Langston

This is a tool designed to help Dungeon Masters quickly create Towns with vibrant people tailored to their needs. It will automatically create NPCs and Towns complete with Inventory, Stats, Personality, and so on. You can also add your custom NPCs to provide your personal touch. You can also add Encounters to your game, make them yourself or have a random encounter. Save all of this in your Campaign using the app and manage all of your Campaigns while playing with friends!

Quickly create a Campaign, add a town complete with shops; citizens; and everything you need in both to answer your players questions. Create Encounters and modify them then enter combat and add them and your players in an imitative order that’s all taken care of by the app with your input. Store all of your notes in this app as well, have everything to be prepared for your next tabletop experience!

The goal of this app is not to replace the hard work Dungeon Masters do to create a Master Piece, instead it is to aid them by providing a more full world in addition to the hard work they’ve already put in and then save information for their convenience. To this end it is not intended as a resource book for a particular game but instead a resource book for your stories, adventures, and world