DrV. – Dr. V. Weight & Pain Management

Our goal is to do more than help you lose weight. At Dr. V Weight Management, we’ll help you understand that without the knowledge to make smarter eating choices, most people will gain back the weight they lose.

Our team of expert weight loss coaches help dieters achieve their weight loss goals AND teaches them how to maintain their results. Energy partitioning is the key factor in the epidemic of obesity and excess fat accumulation.

At Dr. V Weight Management we’ll educate you on how you can lose body fat while sleeping better, having more energy and losing food cravings without feeling hungry.

Our program will turn your body into a fat mobilization machine and not a fat accumulation storage unit. After completing our program you will have learned how a fat cell is created, which foods are best suited to stable weight management, when, why and in what combination to eat carbohydrates, fats and proteins and the impact of unhealthy eating on your overall health.

Many of our patients have achieved tremendous success and have been able to stop or reduce their medications for a variety of chronic health conditions.

You deserve this personalized approach to weight loss! Serving the community since 1989.

App Functionalities include:

1. Third-Party Integration with Apple Health (not available on iPad)
2. HIPAA Compliant Messaging & Scheduling
3. Progress Tracking
4. Hydration & Supplement Tracking
5. Meal Logging
6. Digital Content
7. Sequence Messaging