DROPR. – Neeraj Makhija

An On-Demand delivery and transportation service platform which helps you get Anything you want, from Anywhere.

Real-Time, secured with multiple transportation services.

Solve daily problems such as posting parcels, forgetting items, buying last-minute gifts, buying breakfast, lunch, dinner or medicines, transfer commercial cargo intercity or within City.

If you need something or have some task in mind, DROPR will get it done for you
Save your time in your daily hectic schedules.
Try it once and we are sure, you’ll never forget the experience.

Specialties of DROPR

1. Simple, quick & reliable booking: Request pickup & delivery service through multiple platforms.

2. Multifarious Services: Enjoy the freedom to book the service of your choice, at the time and place of your convenience.

3. Security and Safety of package: Dropr specialized safety packaging solution.

4. Flexible Scheduling: Set a time that works for you and schedule the pick-up in advance.

5. Real time tracking: Our technology makes it easier than ever to track your items moving.

6. Emergency Support: The SOS button will connect the call directly to customer support.