Droopy – Flavio Bell

What best way to start your journey to gridding day at the office by forgetting all about it with Droopy.
Tube/bus stops will flight by trying to keep up with the challenges of all the games and levels of Droopy.
The music of the games is ideal to enhance your senses and awareness of the fast moving bubbles.
Spacial awareness and determination are key to beat Droopy. It involves understanding the relationship of the objects in the game and their ever changing position.

Droopy was designed to test your eyes-to-finger(s) dexterity. Keep the main bubble up in the air by tapping below it to levitate up, tapping to its right to levitate to the right and yes, you guess right, tap left of the main bubble levitating to the left of the screen.
The purpose of the game is to pop bubbles of the same colour before the time runs out. The counter will increase every time you pop a floating bubble, but it won’t save you Best Ever Score until the main bubble is place on the plunger of the same colour.
The Challenge: The Game will keep you immerse trying to keep the bubble up in the air while avoiding bumping into the wrong floating bubble or plunger.

Tap all the bouncing bubbles by choosing a set of the same colour at the the time. If you tap another colour the set you tapped will be reset. So don’t dispart and be carful where you tap.
There is a reset bubble in case you think you are not going to make it before the clock beats you.
The Challenge: remove all the bubbles before the time is up. The faster you remove the bubbles the higher the score.
Tip: by tapping on the level icon above you can change the target sequence.

The target sequence is displayed before you tap the Play button and you have the allocated time to complete the task of popping the bubbles of the target sequence.
The game won’t end until the main bubble is place on the plunger of the same colour.
Tip: there is no order to pop floating bubbles

The difficulty and challenge is the same as the PIN THE BUBBLES game, but in this case floating letters are used which have to be taped in any order to complete the target WORD and under the allocated time.
Tip: tap the level icon above to change the target word.

Collect the number of bubble required by level. Once complete collecting the bubbles of the same colour plunge the main bubble on the right plunger to end the challenge. The challenge has to be completed before the allocated time is up.

The purpose of this game is to use the main bubble to pop each letter in the target word in the time allocated.
If you don’t like the target word it can be changed by tapping on the level icon.
Tip: you can pop any of the letter in the target word. no popping order is required.

Take a break and stop the clock of the exhilarating interaction by placing the main bubble on the plunger of the same colour. You can even save a a session on the game DROOP and continue later, but if you fail to keep scoring the game will start again once the time is up.

Check how you’re doing against other players by tapping the Game Center icon. You must Sign In your Game Center account to see your Leaderboard

All games have levels range from Beginner to Insane for all you to enjoy; on the tube, on the bus, during the office breaks or at home. To move up the levels you must accumulate a minimum number of credits. Once you reach the needed number of credits needed the game will automatically upgrade you to the next level.
You can still play previous level but you can only earn credits by completing the lower level games in less time.

Change the background colour of all the screens by choosing one of the eight available option.
You can also turn off the music and sound effects – Turning off the music is not recommended as it is too good to miss.