Driveline Smartfleet – Arturo Aguero

SmartFleet is an online fleet management system designed to help businesses manage their vehicle costs and OSH compliance in an easy and affordable way.

– Keep all your vehicle data in one place with instant reporting on running costs.
– Get auto alerts for registrations, WOF/COFs, and drivers licenses via the direct link with NZTA.
– Ensure vehicles are regularly checked by drivers with the SmartFleet App.
– Manage your health and safety compliance with better record keeping and a free vehicle policy.
– Know the true cost of ownership for each vehicle.
– Let us set the system up for you so it’s ready to go from day 1.

Key features & benefits…

Cost savings
– Managing vehicles more efficiently will save you time, energy and money.
– Identify cost-saving areas.
– Accurately know the true cost of vehicle ownership to inform business decisions on repair & replacement.
– Compare fuel usage.

– Helps your business comply with occupational health and safety.
– View current OSH compliance status of each vehicle at a glance.
– Automated email and text alerts for expiry of WOF, COF, Rego, RUC, fuel cards, servicing and drivers’ licenses.

– Customised for all sizes of business.
– Packages from 5-200 vehicles.
– All vehicle records in one place.
– Instant reporting.
– Automated updates from NZTA.
– We set up and customise your SmartFleet fleet management system to suit your business’ needs.

More information:

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